“tell, world”

Acid Burn

Organization: Hackers

Kate Libby a.k.a Acid Burn, Lord Nikon and Cereal Killer attempt to discern the contents of the disk. Dade joins them, and after working all night, they find out the truth: it's designed to salami slice $25 million from Ellingson transactions. Dade reveals that he knows Plague is behind this scheme, because he was the one who wanted Kate's copy of the disk. He admits he gave Plague the disk and reveals his history as Zero Cool.

Determined to stop the scheme, the assembled hackers plan to hack the Gibson again. Kate and Dade go dumpster diving for employee memos with passwords, Cereal Killer installs a hidden microphone in the Ellingson offices, and Nikon poses as a delivery boy and wanders the Ellingson cubicles, memorizing employee passwords as they enter them. From the memos, they discover the Da Vinci virus, which is set to capsize the fleet the next day, and which would provide the perfect cover to distract from the salami-slicing worm. In need of help, they seek out the help of Razor and Blade, the producers of a hacker-themed pirate TV show, "Hack the Planet."

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